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M&S, with the partnership of Bettink Service Team, provides top services to wind turbines in the Greek islands.

Maintenance and repair works completed recently on a total of eight (8) Vestas wind turbines in two wind farms.

At first, a thorough inspection of the parks was carried out by teams of Greek and Dutch specialists and the inspection reports, with the problems identified and the best financial and technical solutions, were delivered to the owners.

In a short space of time, the joint forces of the two teams, with the latest technology equipment of  M&S, carried out the repair and maintenance works.

The two parks are again in full technical availability ready to seize the energy of Aeolos and supply the islands power networks.


IMG 20170523 WA0005 768x1024

Cooperation in inspections


IMG 20170523 WA0007 768x1024

Two Vestas V52 turbines with terrific surrounding!


IMG 20170523 WA0016 768x1024

Repair works


IMG 20170523 WA0009 769x1024

After work M&S & Bettink teams share some good times together


IMG 20170523 WA0010 768x1024

Ready for action!


IMG 20170523 WA0012 768x1024

Dutch/Greek power!